Primitive Dogs

Welcome to the Primitive Dogs website! This is your perfect place to learn everything you need to know about all Primitive and Spitz type dogs. On top of that, here you will find out all about Ancient Dog Breeds – the closest relatives with the wolves. Those are large groups of dogs, which represents a very important link in the evolution chain of the entire species. These dogs are direct descendants of their wild ancestors and as such they have a lot in common with them, which is why they are so special and unique.

Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) divides Primitive Dogs breeds into 7 sections – Nordic Sledge Dogs, Nordic Hunting Dogs, Nordic Watchdogs and Herding Dogs, European Spitz, Asian Spitz and Related Breeds, Primitive Types, and Primitive Types – Hunting Dogs. Here on this website, our team of dedicated and passionate people with experience will lead you through all of these sections, explaining in detail everything you need, or wish, to know about certain breeds. Be sure that Primitivedogs Team will provide you with all the necessary information and answers in a light and fairly easy language. And please forgive us if we sometimes go off the track with jokes and silly stuff, we are young and a little bit “crazy” (not in a bad way, you know), but you’ll get used to it. Hopefully, we’ll get along just fine :)

We LOVE our Primitive Dogs

We LOVE our Primitive Dogs

Here at Primitive Dogs, we will try not “bother” you with pure theory and other scientific facts that much – you can find those in detail on Wikipedia. Although we will provide you with a number of important facts about all primitive breeds regardless, but in a simple and lite way. Instead, we will focus our articles much more on your burning questions – e.g. how to care for Siberian Husky during summer or what to feed Peruvian Hairless Dog. Our duty, as a team, is to give you correct and easy-to-understand answers! So be free to comment and ask whatever you wish to know! We will gladly answer all of your questions, not just through the comments section, but by creating whole articles based on your single input. We can make it work together, and you can be our main inspiration!

Primitive Dogs website was created as an idea of user friendly environment, where we all can learn and have fun simultaneously. Our main goal with this website is to make a good and healthy community of dog owners to share their knowledge and experience with each other. You got to know, we’re not all knowing bunch of scientists with glasses looking through the microscope in search of evidence. No, we’re not. The truth is we’re the small group of dog owners experienced in many ways, but still hungry for all sorts of knowledge. We don’t own all Primitive Dogs breeds, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in them. It is our passion which drives us in making this website, and this same passion is our guidance in discovering and explaining everything there is concerning other breeds from this large group of dogs.

Let us together, step into this beautiful world of Primitive Dogs. We will guide you through, but you can definitely tell us which way to go! One thing you, dear friends and fellow dog owners, can be sure is that we’ll do our best to give you exactly what you need. So, enjoy your stay here, read, learn, and educate yourself, and be sure to tell us what you think and what you wanna know!

Best Regards!
Primitivedogs Team