Guest Posting

We often get asked if we accept guest posts and the answer is: YES, WE DO! It wasn’t the case up until recently, but things changed. However, there are certain rules you will have to follow in order that your article gets accepted:

  • Length – The recommended article length is 1.000+ words, with the minimum of 800 words.
  • Theme – The article must be in line with our website, which means that it has to be about dogs in some way!!! If needed, we will edit your post in some way, but we won’t change the message or meaning of your article.
  • Paragraphs – Divide your article in paragraphs for better reading!
  • Images – At least two images required for a single article (NOTE: featured image has to be at least 800 x 324 px). Images must not be copyrighted (we will require a proof of that)!!!
  • Category – Every guest post will be included in Dog Blog category.
  • Links – We can link to your website through your article for a price. A single DO-FOLLOW backlink price is 20$ (or you can get two backlinks for 30$) via PayPal!!! However, you have to know that we will check the link page to see if its content is relevant!!!
  • Plagiarism – Keep in mind that we will inspect every article on plagiarism!!! Your article has to be unique, well written and interesting, with useful information and tips!!! If you are re-posting an existing post you created for another blog, please paste the URL into the body of your post at the end!!!

We guarantee that your article won’t be removed from our website once published under these rules. So if you’re still interested in guest posting after reading this, feel free to contact us here.

Note: If you pay for any links that are rejected for any reason, you will be fully refunded!!!