Volpino Italiano Dog Information And Characteristics

The Volpino Italiano or Italian Foxy dog is a breed originating, as its name suggests, from Florence, Italy. This dark-eyed Spitz dog belongs to the strain “volpinoide“. It was developed from a German Kleinspitz breed, with whom it shares many traits. This dog is included in the European Spitz group in the class of primitive dogs. During the Renaissance, he was the usual companion of Italian royalties, especially royal women. Judging by his “fancy” look with that soft, long coat, it is quite understandable why. At first sight, this Florentine Spitz looks like a real fashion thing. Yes, he is a small dog, but don’t let that fool you! He is very brave, a true fighter ready to oppose everyone threatening his owner’s family and property. Main characteristics of Volpino Italiano dog are playfulness, alertness, curiosity, high intelligence, loyalty, fearlessness, and courage. This dog is not so agile, but has a lot of energy. So, the daily exercises are necessary.

Red Florentine Spitz dogs are very rare today

Fluffy Italian mafia :)

The Volpino Italiano lifespan is between 14 and 16 years. In his native country, this breed is very popular and respected among people of all classes. It is understandable since this dog is very loyal to the family he belongs. He will always try to grab your attention to play and have fun with you and all other members of your family. This also makes him an excellent watchdog who will alert you whenever somebody comes near your property. Although he is very loyal, this Italian Spitz demands a dominant leader, like all other primitive dog breeds. Early socialization and training is a must, otherwise, this dog can be very stubborn and hard to control. This is also important to get along nicely with children and other pets since all smaller dogs are always tricky in this case. Volpinos can be successfully trained as gun dogs, which is why in Italy they’re sometimes hunter’s companions.

The Volpino Italiano dogs can be very noisy. Like the majority of small breeds, this dog has a fiery personality, which is the reason he barks and yells very often with a high-pitched soprano voice. Yeah, that can be quite annoying for your neighbors, but nothing’s perfect, right? Well, at least you’ll have somebody to “talk” with all the time :) He is also very possessive, your things are his own too. You will always have a little struggle over ownership with this little buddy. He can be grumpy with other dogs, so you’ll have to make certain corrections in his behavior while the dog’s still young. Fortunately, he is highly intelligent and once you teach him necessary commands, he will literally read them in your eyes. That’s why he is such a prized dog. Now let’s examine his physical characteristics.

Main Physical Characteristics Of Volpino Italiano Dog

The Volpino Italiano is a quite small, hairy dog who looks like Pomeranian. He is compact, well shaped, and, well, beautiful. This dog has a very thick, long and straight coat, which gives him sort of a “fluffy as a feather” appearance. No wonder ladies love him so much, he is a living plush toy :) However, this beautiful coat simply demands appropriate and intensive care. So, if you wish your dog be nice and clean, a proper treatment is a must. This means weekly grooming is inevitable in regular circumstances, while at the time of shedding it is recommended to brush him once or twice a day. Volpino’s usual color is white, but they can also be red. However, red Volpinos are very rare today. He can also have champagne color motives, which is permitted, but not required.

The Volpino Italiano dog’s head is wedge-shaped, and it is very fox-like. The pointy ears are triangular in shape. They are quite short, placed on top of his head, close to each other. The muzzle is straight and very slim. It is a bit shorter than the rest of the skull. The nose is small and black. His eyes are dark or black, encircled with black eye-rims. This is a dog of a square shape. His straight back is as long as the height at the withers. His deep chest are little lower than his stomach. The neck is short and broad, hidden behind very thick hair. This breed has a recognizable curved tail atop his back, which is very hairy and brushy. His legs are thin and short. They look slightly inadequate on this “living bush,” especially since the coat is a lot shorter close to the paws.

Volpino Italiano Size And Weight

– Height between 13 and 16 inches (27–30 cm)
– Weight between 10 and 12 pounds (4.5–5.5 kg)
– Height between 12 and 15 inches (25–28 cm)
– Weight between 9 and 10 pounds (4–4.5 kg)

Volpino Italiano dog has a long, fluffy coat. which gives him elegant look

The living toy :)

Royal Cane de Quirinale

The Volpino Italiano has a very trendy and elegant look. You can easily imagine him in any kind of surrounding, whether it is some urban square or some isolated farm. It is no wonder this wonderful living doll was a favorite companion of all sorts of people, most notably of royalties. Back in time, Volpi was very popular throughout Italy, especially in the palaces of the lords. This dog was a true attraction among royal ladies, who were carrying them in the laps quite often. Well, considering his fluffy coat you can easily guess why. Also, throughout history, many famous people were owning these dogs. Even the legendary artist Michelangelo had one of his own. So, you see, having this buddy is a sort of privilege. And, when you take into account his look and personality, it is deservedly so.

Ready To Play All Day Long

If you properly socialize your Volpino Italiano while he’s still a puppy, you will get a real show maker who will make you laugh at any given time. He is very cheerful and lively, always ready to play. If you have children, they will love it. This buddy will be their perfect companion. Just try to imagine things from the children’s perspective – what’s not funny about toy-like, hairy thing running around like crazy? Yeah, he will make them happy for sure :) Also, this dog can be a great companion for older people since his natural vitality can work as an “antidepressant” for them. All in all, Volpino Italiano is one of the best family friendly dogs you can find. So, if you decide to have one of your own, know that you’ll have an ideal dog no matter where you live. Well, that is if you’re tolerant of a loud noise and constant running around, otherwise, better avoid this breed :)

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