Husky Temperament And Behavior

Let me put it straight away – Huskies are very unpredictable dogs. They’re probably the most unpredictable of all Primitive Dogs. I had a few dogs before, and thus I really thought to know a lot about dogs in general, but this little fella surprised me more than once! I didn’t do my homework properly – shame on me! Husky temperament is defined with two main characteristics – intelligence and independence. He is very stubborn and free-willing dog, and because of that, he’s very hard to train and control. Siberian demands a lot of attention, he likes to be in company all the time. You should avoid as much as possible, leaving him alone, remember that! Please, buy him some toys so he can have some fun while you’re gone. Otherwise, he might get bored and that is something you don’t wish to experience, trust me! When bored these dogs can be very destructive, or they can howl a lot, so you got the point.

Huskies have enormous pools of energy they need to spend on something. They just can’t be calm and lazy for longer periods of time. That’s why you’ll have to take your dog to walk every day if possible! If not, then at least a few days a week. So if you’re living in an apartment, please avoid this breed, since these dogs, because of their wild nature, demand large spaces or yards. You have to be experienced owner in order to properly deal with unpredictable Husky temperament. They need a strong leader, a head of the pack, to control them with success. This is the reason why I never suggest this breed for the first-time dog owners. Trust me, this dog can put you in all sorts of trouble! However, by no means I want to discourage you, of course not! If you wish to have this cutie, don’t hesitate, buy one (or few if you wish), but first learn everything you can about this breed and avoid unpleasant surprises. Read this whole article carefully, and get ready to deal with your “naughty” friend…

Siberian Husky Temperament With Children

Are Siberian Huskies good with children? Yes, they are! They simply adore children and love to play with them. It is a very bright side of Siberian Husky temperament, which predates way back while they were still with Chukchis – their children often slept with their dogs, who have been warming them during the night. Sweet, isn’t it? Yes, it really is! They kept this affection till this very day. So if you have worries concerning your children when buying a Husky, worry no more, you can’t go wrong with this dog. I can tell you from personal experience that my Sibe enjoys running and playing with children a lot. It is so nice and lovely to see. Anyhow, keep an eye on your children, we all know how some of them can be rough and careless at times. Husky and children can get along, but without bullying of course.

Huskies like to play with children

The Cutest Couple – Sibe And Child

Also, if you have a little baby or very small child, never leave it alone with Husky – this rule applies to all other dogs too! He won’t hurt it intentionally, but instead he might try to play with them, which can be very dangerous considering how fragile small child really is. Just be smart, it’s not that hard, and your children won’t have any problems with this cutie. In the end, I wanna tell you a little personal story. My little niece was once attacked by pariah dog, which left terrible consequences on her. After that, she was afraid of all dogs, even puppies! So I decided to buy some dog, so she can deal with her fear in the first place. And so I bought my lovely female Siberian Leah. Beside her, my niece overcame her fears and I couldn’t be happier. Now she’s happy to see any other dog around. And all of her friends just love Leah! Such wonderful is Husky dog temperament with children.

Siberian Husky Escape Artist

Will a Siberian Husky run away? These dogs are known for their free will, which is something not to be taken lightly. It can cause you a lot of trouble, especially when you find out your dog’s gone. Yes, unfortunately they’re great escape artists. So the proper question is not, will it happen, but when will it happen! Huskies are bred to run across vast distances, so whenever you put them off a leash, you risk your dog run away. Ok, now you probably think, he will come back, other dogs do the same thing, right? The answer is NO, he won’t! Husky will run and play until he doesn’t know how to get back home. I’ve witnessed this many times and it took me almost 4 years to be confident she won’t run away. Even now, I’m always on the lookout, because you never know with these dogs. Such trickery is a Husky temperament. Also, make sure you have high enough fence or wall around your yard, otherwise, Husky will undoubtedly try to jump over it as soon as he sees a chance.

This habit of his will, not only cause you a headache, but it can also be his own downfall. You see, they have zero sense for the roads and cars. My own dog was hit by the car before my very own eyes (awful scene). Fortunately, she survived, but maybe your Sibe won’t be that lucky, so take all the precautions you need to prevent it. The only good thing concerning that accident, as a consequence, is that she’s now running off the road as soon as she spots the car. Another proof how fast learning these dogs are. Hope your dog won’t have to learn this lesson the hard way, just like mine did. As I already said, it will take you a lot of time to gain his attention and respect – it comes in small doses with unpredictable Husky temperament. There is no perfect solution for this problem, but you can try to prevent it! The best prevention in this case is to spend, as much as you can, time with your dog – play with him whenever you can, take him to walk often, make his time with you interesting and busy. Only this way your Siberian will be satisfied enough, and his satisfaction in any way is the only cure for this!

Husky Digging

Digging is one of the most annoying habits of a Siberian Husky dog breed

Huskies Dig Holes – A Lot!

Let me immediately tell you, please put a fence around your garden if you have one, otherwise, it will be destroyed! Huskies like to dig a lot! Not only will a Sibe destroy your garden, but will dig deep and make numerous large holes. It is an inseparable part of Siberian Husky temperament, since this is one of his inborn habits – like a wolf or fox. Sometimes they dig holes for fun only, sometimes, as it is the case with other dogs, they can dig holes to hide something or just to dig out something they felt a scent of, and sometimes they dig only because they’re bored.

Huskies also dig large holes during summer, so they can lie in them and cool out. No matter what the actual reason, it is one very annoying habit of his. I had to put a fence around my garden to stop Leah from doing it, and guess what? She tried to tear the fence a few times?! Such a strong is this dog need for this. I suggest you enclose your garden or lawn as soon as possible, but look to leave at least the small ground area free for him, so he can have a place for his little games.

Siberian Husky As Guard Dog

People often wonder, do Siberian Huskies make good guard dogs? The answer is an absolute NO! Although Huskies can be aggressive towards other dogs or smaller animals, they are not at all aggressive towards humans. It simply isn’t part of Siberian Husky temperament and behavior. It is the same thing with strangers too. In fact, they’re happy and open towards everybody. Yet people are afraid of them mostly, so that’s something, right? It’s so funny when somebody comes at my door and spots my Leah with dread while she’s just laying unconcerned in the yard. I often tell people, yes my dog is very dangerous, that is if you consider licking and jumping to greet you a treat.

At my very own example you can clearly see they’re not suitable for guard dogs. Sure, you can train them to be good at guarding, but it’s a long and stressful process for them, which is something I could never put my dog through. My suggestion to all of you who wish to have a guard dog is to look out for some other breed! One more thing to know – if, in any case, you encounter certain aggression problems, know that something’s wrong with your dog and take him to vet immediately!

Husky Dog Howling

Huskies like to howl like wolves, which can be very annoying for your neighbors

Let me sing you a song :)

You see, Husky temperament has some similarities with the temperament of his wild relative, and this is one of the most notorious. I’m sure many of you already heard Husky howling like a wolf. They are often quite dogs and very rarely bark (mine is barking only to call some other dogs to play), but they have a habit to howl from time to time. This, however, can be annoying for your family members and your neighbors. It can be heard more than 15 km away, so it’s easy to understand why it can be such a problem. So why do Huskies howl? One of the reasons is that they are Nordic dogs and this is their natural behavior. It is their way of communication, because they’re all pack oriented. That’s why when you have a few of them in one place, they often make a loud howling song. I find it lovely, but I’m sure many of you don’t (like my mother), especially during the night.

Another reason for this howling can be loneliness or boredom. When you hear a Sibe howling at night, know that he’s expressing his grief because of separation, because he’s alone in the crate or in the yard. These dogs are very sociable, they like company, so when you leave them alone for quite some time, it will definitely cause them to howl. So if you wonder how to stop him from howling, there’s your answer. Take your time with him, take him to walk as much as possible, make him happy and he’ll stop doing it. Well, he won’t stop howling entirely, but it will definitely make it less frequent and thus easier for your neighbors.

So there you go, I told you how silly and weird our dear friend can be. Now that you better understand Siberian Husky temperament, we can safely move on to training and care. With better mutual understanding, I’m sure you and your furry buddy will get along just fine! Everything is easier when we’re happy, right? Oh, and if you didn’t know, they express happiness with jumping, quiet grousing and jaw clapping. I just love when my Sibe does that, it is so funny and lovely :)


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