Siberian Husky Care Tips And Rules

Siberian Husky care is definitely something you should pay a lot attention too. You see, Huskies are in reality very clean and healthy Primitive Dogs, but, as is the case with all other breeds, you will have to take your time and put your Sibe through proper treatment. This way you’ll secure your dog a healthy living, and he will return your favor in so many lovely ways. So how to take care of a Siberian Husky? For this job you’ll have to organize well and prepare a schedule of your activities. Bathing, grooming, brushing, all of these activities demand time and understanding, so make sure you do them regularly and properly.

I know some of you are just horrified on a single thought of dealing with all that fallen hair and all things wet and dirty, but that’s how it goes when you have a dog. If you’re squeamish, I suggest you find the nearest professional dog groomer for this UNAVOIDABLE job. Yeah, Siberian Husky care is dirty, but very important job. It is not only good for his beauty, but for his health also as you will see later in the text. That’s why you’ll have to learn well how to take care of your Sibe. So here I made a detailed guide for all of you non squeamish, just the way I’m doing it. Read it carefully and learn your job well!

Siberian Husky care guide

I will make this guide short and simple for you. The things you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to bathing, grooming, brushing, etc. For proper Siberian Husky care, you’ll need a few tools, which will be quoted and explained later in the text. To make it simple for you, I will divide my guide into three separate categories – grooming and brushing, bathing and summer care. This way you’ll be able to understand better what each of these important tasks is like. Also, feel free to ask anything you wish, or if you need some explanations, in the comments bellow. Without further delay, let’s jump on the actual thing right away!

Grooming Siberian Husky

We will start with the most important part of the Siberian Husky care – grooming. As I’ve already written here, Sibe has a unique double coat. It means that he has one ordinary outer coat with longer and sharper fur, as well as an undercoat, which is shorter, thicker and softer, sort of like cotton wool. This perfect double coat protects Huskies from heat and cold. However, this is the main reason why they shed a lot, and why Siberian Husky grooming care is of utter importance! For the record, male dogs shed once per year, while female dogs shed twice – first in the spring and then in the fall. They can sometimes shed during Summer too, but only if it’s too hot and dry. This might seem like not that much, but trust me – when they shed, they shed A LOT!

Most important part of Siberian Husky care is grooming!

Grooming Siberian Husky with the right equipment

Huskies usually shed in a span of 3 to 6 weeks, while new coat need approximately a month to grow up. During this period you’ll have to brush him every day. I advise you keep your grooming sessions short and regular. Doing so, you’ll prevent any unpleasant circumstances, such as e.g. the creation of heavy mats in his fur. Even if it looks like there can’t be any mats in the Sibe’s straight fur coat, they are actually very common. It is mainly because of undercoat, which is very thick and soft. So, without further delay, let me explain you how to do dog grooming properly… First, use a comb with wide-spread teeth to undo all mats. Make sure you brush him slowly and carefully to avoid any annoyance. Nobody likes being pulled by hair, neither do dogs. If you stuck into some mats, just pull the comb out of fur – never brush forcefully!

When you’re done with comb, when all the mats’re undone, use a bristle brush to wipe out all the fallen hair. Many of you probably think the best way to brush your dog is down the hair, but it’s not! I suggest you brush your dog upwards. This might feel inappropriate, but trust me, if you want the best possible results, you’ll do your job this way. Your dog will surely be a little shaggy afterwards, but he’ll get in shape soon enough. And that’s it, your grooming lesson is over! Start your Siberian Husky care in style ;) Take note here that you should NEVER EVER shave or trim Huskies coat. I am absolutely against it, because that unique coat is their best thermal regulator! Trimming Huskies is not healthy, so please avoid it!

When To Start Grooming A Puppy And How To Get Him Used To It

I’m sure many of you are wondering, when is the best time to start with grooming. Well, you can start with short grooming sessions the moment you bring your Husky puppy home. This is the easiest way for your dog to get used to it. Yeah, your Sibe probably won’t be immediately accustomed to grooming, although it is possible in rare occasions. However, you can make him enjoy grooming, but only if you follow certain rules. First of all, try not to force your dog with this – this rule applies to every other form of Siberian Husky care. The best way for this, is to have short treatments of e.g. fur on his toe. If the dog becomes annoyed with this after some time, I suggest you to give him some delicious food bite as a reward for his time being still.

The moment you feel he’s getting out of control, don’t push him, let the dog rest. You can always continue grooming your dog another day. Remember, try to have fun with it, this is not do or die job routine! Siberian Husky care in general is all about fun. Yeah, it can be “yuck” for some, but it will be a lot easier if you try to make fun out of it, trust me ;) You will always have to go one small step after another with Huskies because of their stubbornness, so it takes time to get them accustomed to anything, not just grooming. However, once your Sibe gets used to it, it will be of great benefit for you and your dog. Remember, grooming is not just about fallen hair, it also gives you an opportunity to inspect him on parasites, skin infections, fur condition, etc. For that same reason, take it very seriously and do your job!

Husky Dog Tick And Flea Treatment

During the spring and summer time, apart from grooming, you should regularly treat your Sibe for ticks and fleas. Needless to say, it’s one of the most important parts of Siberian Husky care during this period. So, here’s what you need to do. First of all, it would be wise to use some good flea and tick repellent when the spring comes to avoid any unpleasant situations! It is the best prevention, so I suggest you ask a vet for advice concerning this. Anyway, you should check your dog for these parasites as often as you can. The best way to do that is while brushing him, but, of course, you can do a regular inspection of a Husky coat regardless. I suggest you do it on a daily basis if it’s possible. In the case you find some of these parasites on him, act accordingly!

If you spot an already attached tick, take your dog immediately to the nearest veterinarian. If, however, you’re unable to do so for some reason, use forceps and grab a tick as close as you can to a dog’s skin and pull it out slowly. It is advisable that you NEVER “unscrew” a tick, because this way you risk its head and mouthparts tear off of the rest of its body and stay attached still, which is, of course, very dangerous. If, in any case, that happens, don’t try to be smart and find some kind of miracle solution, but, without any hesitation, take your dog to the nearest vet. Also, you should NEVER use alcohol or gasoline for disinfection of the wound afterwards! In the case you find fleas on your Sibe, I suggest you look out for once-a-month topical products. They are guaranteed to deal with any parasite infestation, and what’s best, they serve as a perfect prevention from any sort of future infestation. Just apply it to your dog’s back, and forget about fleas for some time! As you can see, this is a vital part of Siberian Husky care, and I suggest you take it very seriously and do your job properly. It is the only way to keep your dog safe!

Bathing Huskies

You should bathe your Husky a few times per year

Am I beautiful enough :)

In the time of shedding (and only during those days) you will have to bathe your Sibe. This is the second most important part of Siberian Husky care, which will be of great help in preventing any unwanted fur and skin conditions. As I already said, Huskies are by nature clean Primitive Dogs. They hardly ever have a doggy odor, since they like to take care of themselves almost like cats, so it’ll be enough to bathe your dog once or twice per year at most. In any case, bathing a Husky is a must, and here I’ll explain you the way I’m doing it. First, fill a bathtub with warm water and wet him nicely all over his body, including head too. While doing so be careful not to sip water in dogs eyes and ears. Take note here that he won’t willingly enter a tub, you’ll have to push him a little bit. Please be gentle while doing this – no bullying please.

Once you wet him all over, take dog shampoo and lather him thoroughly. When you’re choosing a shampoo, take into account skin and fur condition of your dog. I suggest you use gentle chemical-free dog shampoos like Aroma Paws or Animal Sense Pet Products. After you’ve done with the shampoo, start rinsing him over and over again until the last bit of foam is washed away. While doing so, you can use a rubber bath brush to easily clean dog’s coat from dirt. You’ll need a lot of patience to do this properly, so prepare to be calm and focused. Everything about Siberian Husky care demands time and patience, remember that. After I finish bathing my Sibe Leah, I often leave her dry by rubbing all over my fence. You can of course use a towel or any other textile you have at hand to dry your dog. I advise you dry him this way only when you’re bathing your Siberian in the fall.

Huskies In The Summer

Siberian Husky care during the summer is of great importance if you wish your little friend be safe and sound. Huskies are able to endure very hot summer weather, but it’s not typical of their natural environment. That’s why, you’ll NEED to do a few important things if you wish to save your Sibe from dangerous heat stroke. First of all, always keep his water fresh and cool, which means you’ll have to change it a few times during the day! By drinking fresh water, he will keep his body temperatures low and thus will be out of the danger zone. Also, remember to give him smaller food portions. During the summer, Huskies don’t need fat supplies since they’re not so active, so avoid giving him a lot of food.

You should be very dedicated while taking care of your Sibe during summer

Summer doesn’t bother me :)

I already mentioned this in the text above, but it won’t hurt if I mention it again – NEVER shave or trim your Siberian! His coat is actually very important for regulating his body temperatures, so leave it as it is! Just do brushing from time to time and that’s it -this will help his skin to “breathe.” Also, avoid any sort of activity with your dog when the heat is strongest – in the early afternoon particularly. Leave him to rest in some shadowy area or take him in the house if you don’t mind this. It would be ideal to have a ground or grass area in the shadowy part of the yard (dogs pen on the ground or grass is also ok). That way your Sibe will have the ideal place to cool himself and avoid overheating. Do it as I say, and don’t worry for him during hot days. In the end, as you can see, Siberian Husky care is all about small things you can easily do, but they bear great significance! Don’t be lame, make your dog happy and have fun with it! See ya ;)

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