8 Tips for Living with Dogs and Keeping Your House Clean

Do you have dogs you deeply care about? Then you should take proper care of them. Many people consider their pets to be a part of the family. So, just like any other family member, you need to teach your dogs that house hygiene is important! How can you do so?

1. Keep your dogs clean

Let’s face it, most dogs love walks. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, your dog needs to go outside to do its business. When “zoomies” strike in the middle of the field, you can’t stop your pups from getting muddy and dirty. But what can you do?

Prepare a clean towel to dry your doggies with before entering the house. You can also take them straight to the bathroom for a shower. Keep in mind that shampooing your dog very often isn’t good for their health and hair. There’s nothing a simple rinse can’t wash off!

2. Vacuum frequently

Those who live with pets know that pet hair is one of the biggest issues when it comes to keeping your house clean. They shed every day! It can be quite exhausting keeping your home clean when you have dogs that shed a lot. So, you’ll have to vacuum your home frequently. Is there anything else you can do?

To prevent your dogs from shedding so much, make sure you brush their fur often. Excessive hair will come right off, so, there will be fewer hairs in your home. However, you’ll still need to vacuum every other day due to the dirt that comes off their paws.

If you’re allowing your dogs on the sofa, you need to upgrade it to make the cleaning easier.

Think this won’t suit my dog buddy :)

3. Upgrade your sofa

The truth is, you can’t say no to those puppy eyes! That’s why we can often see dogs lounging on the couch while their owners are sitting somewhere in the corner. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a doggie paradise? One thing for sure: your couch!

If you’re allowing your dogs on the sofa, you need to upgrade it to make the cleaning easier. One of the simplest tricks you can do is throw a cover over your couch. You can always put it in a washing machine and have it nicely cleaned and ready for the next day!

4. Create a pet space

If you don’t like your dogs jumping on the couch and beds, you’ll need to come up with other alternatives. They love to be included in the family, so, think about creating a pet space for them somewhere in the living room. What do you need?

A simple pet bed or an old mattress will do wonders for your furry friends. Keep their toys and other stuff nearby. Also, make sure that their bowls and snacks are always located at the same spot not to confuse your four-legged family members.

5. Clean your pets’ things

Just like you wash your plates after dinner, your dogs’ stuff also needs to be cleaned. We can agree that dog food smells horrible. So, if you want to minimise the smell of the food in your home, you should frequently wash their food and water bowls.

On top of that, don’t forget about the toys, collars and bandanas. Dogs often have a specific smell, so to get rid of it, wash their toys and personal things. Surely, you’d hate to have a dirty and a drooled up ball in your home.

6. Don’t forget about the smell

People who don’t have dogs often notice distinctive smells in the owner’s home. We get so used to our dogs that we don’t notice it anymore. Hence often airing is quite essential if you want to keep your home clean.

To get rid of the dog smell in your home, you can also wash their beds often. Use essential oils to freshen up space or light up incense sticks to improve your home’s scent. On top of that, scented candles and air fresheners aren’t a bad idea either. Just make sure they are safe to use around dogs!

Often airing is quite essential if you want to keep your home clean of dog's smell.

Yeah, love to check my neighbors from this nice window :)

7. Regularly wash your hands

No matter how much you love your pets, you need to keep good hygiene yourself. Even though you bathe and groom them frequently, you still touch their food and toys, which can spread different kinds of bacteria all over your home.

Therefore, after each contact, you need to thoroughly wash your hand. Get a high-quality soap dispenser with an anti-bacterial soap such as those from Davidson Washroom. They will definitely keep your hands and other surfaces in your home clean.

8. Pay attention to the rugs

A house doesn’t feel like home without a single rug or carpet. Even though it would be way easier to remove all the rugs from the floor, your space wouldn’t feel the same! So, if you want to keep your house clean, pay attention to the rugs.

Besides the vacuuming, you need to clean your rugs frequently. No matter how clean your dogs are, the shed and bring in the dirt on their paws, which will certainly get on the rugs as well. So, clean their paws every day and wash the rugs from time to time.


As you can see, you can keep your house clean in multiple ways. As long as you take care of your dog and your own hygiene, you’re more likely to have a clean home.

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