The Real Story Of The Most Loyal Dog Hachikō

I am sure many of you, dear readers have heard at least something about this incredible story. Well, how couldn’t you, this is probably one of the most famous and touching real dog stories ever. It tells us about the life and loyalty of one special dog, the man’s best friend in any sense. So, who is actually this loyal dog? Hachikō was an Akita Inu, born on November 10, 1923, on a farm near Ōdate, the city in Akita prefecture, Japan. Just a few months later, in the first quarter of 1924 actually, he was brought to Tokyo by Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor of arable land readjustment at the University of Tokyo. This marked the beginning of a true friendship that will later inspire millions of people across the whole world. This touching tale is the best proof that dogs are the only animals who love men more than themselves. Continue Reading →