Camping With Your Dog

You know the saying – the dog is man’s best friend. The love between the owner and their pet can be so great that they cannot even be separated for a day. If they travel somewhere, they do it together. Going on a holiday in the company of your four-legged friend is a wonderful experience. From better sleep to the possibility of disconnecting from electronic devices to increasing your mood and creativity – there are numerous advantages of spending your holidays in a tent. But to bring your dog on a camping trip, you must respect some basic rules and useful tips. These will allow you to enjoy your holiday in peace and without risks and dangers of any kind to your four-legged friend.

Dog Camping Gear

The most important piece of equipment an owner must have for traveling no matter how far he travels is a good pet transporter. When choosing one, make sure that it is comfortable for the dog or that the pet has sufficient space in it. What should your average pet suitcase contain? You need to bring food and water, as well as containers for them. Also, you will need to bring a leash as well as his favorite toys. Do not forget basic medicines and first aid, combing and bath accessories, as well as something your pet will sleep on.

We like being here in nature :)

Camping Tent

You should allow your dog to sleep as close to you as possible. Ideally, it should have its compartment for resting, or you can place the basket in the front of the tent or next to you in the tent. It is best not to let your dog sleep outside or in a separate tent, as this could make it stressed and insecure. That is why you are also going to need top-notch camping equipment that you can look up on this website.

You need to choose a tent that has a pet-friendly design. Think about your dog’s demeanor, its size and how often it gets cold/hot at night. Ask yourself – is your pet big enough to count as an additional person in a tent? Don’t forget that you will be storing some of your gear in the tent, so you will need space for that too. And bring a blanket or a mattress on which your dog will comfortably sleep. To get your pet used to the tent, open it in the house and do a test run.

Depending on how cold or hot you and your dog can be at night, and in the area where you camp, decide how many openings and windows your tent should have. If there is going to be someone else in the tent except you and your pet, opt out for a tent that has two doors. That way you don’t have to jump over each other when going out.

Pet First Aid

The ideal first aid kit for animals should have:

  1. A non-alcoholic disinfectant with a high bactericidal power;
  2. Hydrogen peroxide: it must never be missing, especially in case of poisoning to stimulate vomiting;
  3. Adhesive bandage: the most suitable for our animals is one out of paper, which adheres less to the hair and can be removed more easily, without causing pain during tear-off;
  4. Sterile gauzes: they are excellent for dabbing a wound and for applying disinfectant;
  5. Elastic bandage: can be used to bandage the animal’s paw in case of injuries and trauma;
  6. Physiological solution;
  7. Tweezers: it is excellent for removing thorns;
  8. Latex gloves;
  9. Syringes: used for administering drugs mixed with food;
  10. Thermal blanket;
  11. Various medications which you should get after consulting the veterinarian;
  12. A veterinarian’s business card (yours and the closest one in the area where you traveled);

Keep Your Dog Warm at Night

If your dog is cold to your touch, if it is shivering, curling, whimpering, restless or even lethargic, it may be too cold. That is why you need to have the necessary equipment that will help you warm up your pet. The easiest would be to put your pet in its coat for winter walks. Also, bringing a blanket that your dog uses at home will help immensely. You can wrap your companion to keep him warm during the night. The familiar blanket will also help with dog anxiety. There is also a variety of sleeping bags for pets on the market you should invest in. But if you forgot all of this, you can always let your pet into your unzipped sleeping bag.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Keep the dog hydrated and in the shade, especially during the hottest hours. Be sure to bring enough water to keep you and your dog hydrated. As we all know, water can be heavy! Thus, you can take a filter with you instead to ensure that it drinks water without contamination and does not get sick if it finds natural water. Make sure to have a constant water supply for your dog, as they need it to keep up their energy, mood and health. The amount of water your pet will need depends on its size, as larger dogs and some breeds require much more water. Always keep your dog happy and hydrated.

Do not forget water!

Hands-free Dog Leash

The hands-free dog leash was developed for you to enjoy the moments of walking or light running beside your puppy. Made of comfortable material, this leash is super practical as it allows you to have your hands free to concentrate on the exercise. Its mechanism allows you to fasten the leash around your waist. It will give you and your dog the freedom to move around and will help greatly in your travels with it. The leash is a very effective tool because its length can be adjusted in any way you like and it is usually made of a durable material, so even the largest of dogs can be easily controlled with it.

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