Creating Your Dog’s Dream Backyard

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that every living creature seeks to have its own “corner” where it can feel completely safe. That is why, before you get a dog, you should decide where it will be. In what conditions to keep a dog and where to determine its place depends on the breed of the dog and on the living conditions of the owner. If you have a backyard than you are a lucky owner and your pet is surely a lucky dog! But you must take care of the dog’s interests in a timely manner, so your favourit flowers in the flower beds won’t be trampled down, and you don’t have “mines” on the perfect lawn. In order for the interests of the dog and the owners to coincide, you need to find a competent compromise, and then outdoor recreation will give everyone true pleasure.




You can immediately designate the territory of your pet by making a fence on the site. Consider the size of the dog as well. If it is small, then you should not build high fences. You can also make paths for your pet. Trust us, he will be happy to run on them.

Living in an aviary is considered the most comfortable for a dog. The aviary should be spacious. Its size directly depends on the size of the dog. For an animal of average size, an aviary with an area of ​​about 8 m² is considered optimal. For smaller dogs the enclosure should be slightly smaller, for larger dogs larger.

The aviary must be at least 10-15 meters away from the dwelling. Its walls should be made of planks, one of the walls should be lattice to provide the dog with a view. For the construction of a lattice wall, wire with sharp edges must not be used. Better to use copper pipes.

The designated area for the dog should be dry, clean, well-lit by sunlight, but also have sufficient shade. The soil in the aviary should be well compacted and a slight slope should be created for the unhindered drainage of rainwater. If the soil is soft, then it can be sprinkled with pebbles or rubble. The entire territory of the enclosure must be thoroughly cleaned of foreign objects that may interfere with the animal’s free movement.

You can go the other way – give the pet complete freedom on the site, and protect the flower beds, trees and other summer cottage vegetation with decorative fences. If you have a big fence and very inquisitive dogs, it is worth making a viewing window in it.

In order for the dog to feel comfortable in the yard, provide him with proper toys.

Won’t annoy me anymore you nasty snake!


Set up a doghouse


In order for the dog to feel comfortable in the yard, equip a good dog house for it. Make sure your friend can protect themselves from rainy weather or the sun. In case you are not sure which type of home is needed for your breed, then consult a pet store. Also, don’t be surprised if your pet shuns it at first. It usually takes time for dogs to get used to their new home. With the help of familiar toys, soft bedding, and your belongings, help it do this.

To keep the animal comfortable in the summer, set up the house in the shade. If there are no trees, you can plant elderberry, hawthorn or lilac on the south side of the building.

Choose the design of the house in accordance with the characteristics of your site. For example, you can make an entrance hole in a barrel and turn it over. Or build a roof terrace for your pet and put a house there. Or make a wooden structure, and make a small fence on the roof. The dog will be able to climb up the stairs.




The dog cannot do without drinking water. You can put a bowl for it, but at the same time, you need to constantly make sure that there is always water in it.

Another solution would be to make a small freshwater fountain that fits into the design of the site. Your pet will love the splashes and have constant access to water.

It’s a good idea to organise a pool or a small pound of water. In this case, you must ensure that the animal can easily get out of it.




Dogs play with pleasure and run around the site. And to protect it, you can create low hedges: barberry, Japanese quince or dwarf spirits.

When spraying garden trees and shrubs, you should isolate the animal until the leaves are dry so that it does not lick the chemicals of the leaves.




As entertainment, you can arrange a maze for the dogs: they love to explore new paths, prowl and patrol.

In order to keep your dog happy, make sure to give him proper conditions to enjoy his daily habits.

Best friends forever!




With dogs in the yard, it is all about fun. But it may come as a surprise for your neighbors. If the dog moves freely around the site, your task is to think about the safety of people entering it. The obligatory minimum is to hang information on the fence that there is a dog on the territory.

Tip: Don’t scare people. Don’t write that your dog is angry or dangerous. It is enough just to tell passers-by that you have a dog. We recommend using a friendly and funny sign such as “Guard dog on duty”. 




A dog is a social and energetic animal. It needs to move a lot, spend energy somewhere, communicate with both a person and her own kind, study the world around it. If the owner does not pay enough attention to his pet, then one day the dog will begin to spend unreal energy on something else. For example, the owner’s slippers or his favorite sofa in the yard. Everything will depend on how bored the dog is and how determined it is to destroy everything around it. One of the favorite toys for dogs are garden hoses. And if you want to keep them safe, and your lawn green, make sure that you have the best hose reel that you can find and a lot of toys to distract your pet from it. 

Special toys for dogs are a great “alternative” to things that an animal might consider a toy.

Toys, or rather, running after them, help the pet to keep fit. Plus, the animal’s mood will only improve if it engages in outdoor games. All dogs love outdoor games.

There are special toys for “development”. In addition to things for entertainment, they can also become an object for the development of intelligence. With enthusiasm taking out pieces of delicacy from such toys, the dog begins to think better and faster.


It is important to know


If you care about your pet’s health, then do not make the floor in the aviary concrete or earthen. It’s better to use wood flooring.

If your area has a decorative pond, take care of the safety of the dog: do not use chemicals to clarify and purify the water.

Since dogs love to taste everything, do not plant dangerous plants on the site (interestingly, grapes can be dangerous for dogs: even one leaf can make them vomit and indigestion). Better to let the dog gnaw on a freshly cut branch or some special objects (they can be easily found in a pet store), in extreme cases – an old shoe.

Keep in mind that all kinds of rodent and snail baits can also be dangerous for your pet.

Try to select landscaping materials that will not cling to the dog’s paws.



When getting a puppy, many owners have no idea what awaits them, and sometimes they just hope for a miracle. They are surprised every time they found gnawed shoes, upturned flower pots and ripped cushions. A dog is not a toy. You need to constantly look after it: feed and walk it, wash and scratch. And it also needs its space. If you have a big yard, it’s a good opportunity to make your dogs dream come true. 

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