Everything You Need To Know About Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund or Norwegian Sheepdog, as it is often called, is a Spitz type herding dog, which belongs to the Nordic Watchdogs and Herding Dogs section of primitive breeds. Buhund is very reminiscent of Icelandic Sheepdog, which is actually his close relative. His name represents a combination of two Norwegian words – “bu“, which means mountain hut or farm, and “hund“, which means dog. This is a smaller medium-sized dog with fiery personality, ideal for herding and watching. Main characteristics of a Norwegian Buhund dog are intelligence, agility, courage, cheerfulness, great sense of orientation, loyalty, playfulness, alertness, and willingness to work. His lifespan is between 13 and 15 years. This breed is known for its bigger than life personality and he will often put a smile on your face when you least expecting it :)

Norwegian Buhund is an compact and very agile dog

I am so handsome :)

The Norwegian Buhund dog has a huge pool of energy, and he simply demands that you put him to work. That’s why you’ll have to do a lot of exercise with him, take him to walk, or do something equally demanding, like throwing him a frisbee. Otherwise, he might get bored, and in such situations he will make some mess, you know, destroy your garden or something like that :) Yeah, he’s always willing to work, but that doesn’t mean he’s very easy to train. The Buhund is possibly the most trainable of all Spitz dogs, but he’ll use his intelligence to push you to the limits. This is the reason you’ll have to establish yourself as a dominant leader, there is no other way to deal with this little devil. Buhunds are great dogs with children since they like to play a lot. They actually enjoy a company of all family members and pets, even cats, and will often welcome them with open heart.

The way Norwegian Buhund dog see things is that you and your family and pets, if you have some, represents his favorite herd, the one he needs to assemble. Yup, you read that right! So, don’t worry if you see him running from side to side, circling around members of your family, barking, poking and jumping. He is just trying to have his herd in one place :) Oh, and he likes to be in the center of attention, a true little star! If you’re one of those who enjoy peace and quiet, then this dog is probably not for you. That’s right, he can be really annoying since he can bark a whole day long in a high-pitched tone. So, there you go, you’ve been warned :) Although he’s loud and “crazy”, he’s actually rarely aggressive, and will bite only if threatened. Now, let’s take a look at the physical characteristics of this breed.

Norwegian Buhund Dog Physical Characteristics And Traits

Like his close relative, Norwegian Buhund dog is relatively small in size and has a square profile. His body is slender, covered with a double coat. The undercoat is soft and dense, while the outer coat is quite thick and rough. The coat is longer on his back, tail and hind legs. You will have to brush him a few times a week, but during shedding period, daily grooming is a must since they shed a lot. The most common Buhund colors vary from all shades of yellowish red and orange to black and white. Dark tipped hairs are also possible. White color is, more or less, always present, especially on his chest, feet, tip of tail, lower neck, and a little bit on his head. The black mask with minimal white markings is also acceptable, but is not so common.

The Norwegian Buhund has a wedge shaped head similar to a fox. His muzzle is proportional to the rest of his skull. His prick ears are erect and his nose is broad and black. The dark eyes are encircled with black rims. His long haired tail is curved and set high atop his slightly arched back. The neck is short and thick, slightly wider close to the shoulders. The front legs are short and straight and back legs are very strong. His chest is broad and deep below his stomach. When you closely examine his physical characteristics, it is no wonder this dog is such an agile animal, capable of crazy direction changes and high jumping. This is the reason he is often used for dog agility trials, flyball and other sporting activities. With that being said, we will now explain some of the specialties of this wonderful dog.

Norwegian Sheepdog Size And Weight

– Height between 17 and 18,5 inches (43-47 cm)
– Weight between 31 and 40 pounds (14-18 kg)
– Height between 16 and 17,5 inches (41-45 cm)
– Weight between 26,5 and 36,5 pounds (12-16 kg)

Norwegian Buhund dog is always willing to work

Do you have a job for us? :)

Herding Specialist

The Norwegian Buhund dog’s alertness, intelligence and great sense of orientation, makes him an excellent shepherd’s companion. He actually has an inborn herding ability, which is why he’ll often try to herd every living being he comes in contact with, including you :) In other words, he likes things to be in some order. He will run around livestock for hours, doing everything that’s necessary to keep them together, which means poking them, nipping, barking, etc. This sheepdog is so good in his job that there’s a little chance some sheep or cow will stray aside, but if that happens anyway, don’t worry, he’ll find them and get them back in the herd. Also, Buhund dog will drive the livestock back to pen with ease. Needless to say, a bit of proper training is necessary to teach him this herding techniques, but considering his high intelligence, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Perfect Service Dog

The Norwegian Buhund is a dog of many talents, but perhaps the most noble of them all is his ability as a service dog. He can be successfully trained to help guide blind and hearing-impaired people. Norwegian Sheepdog is such a careful dog, who can take care of his owner, no matter how handicapped he is. These dogs love human company and with professional training they can easily help them overcome certain life obstacles. On top of that, they are quite suitable for police or military work. You see, this dog is small, but has a huge heart! So, there you go, we hope this article will help you understand this breed the proper way. As you can see, the Norwegian Buhund dog is a great human companion for so many reasons. So, if you decide to buy one, we’re sure you’ll have a great time together. At least your family will be “assembled in herd” :)

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