Love Between Siberian Huskies And Children (VIDEO)

We already explained here that Siberian Husky belongs to a group of Primitive Dogs that are good with small children, and in the video below you’ll see why is that so. This is a nice example of this dog’s love and care for the babies and children. It is not a secret that Huskies and children go along nicely, because this breed was developed to take care of small children especially. Remember, Husky is a pack oriented dog, and your children are a part of his pack – your family. That’s why he will always care for them, as if they’re his own pups :) So, if you have children and want to buy a dog, look no further – Sibe is certainly your perfect choice!

However, in some scenes during this video, you’ll see another, quite dangerous, side of this sweet relationship. Take a closer look at the parts of this video showcasing Huskies playing with the children. It is all nice and funny, but it can instantly turn into disaster for sure! Huskies are strong and energetic dogs, and when in active mode, they can accidentally hurt small children in so many ways. They can push them, they can scratch them with their paws, and they can even choke them. That’s why it’s advisable you always be on the lookout in these moments. It’s not that hard, and you’ll certainly have a lot of fun while watching them play :)

So, check out this beautiful video compilation of touching moments between Huskies and children below. Don’t forget to pay attention to the parts of this video mentioned above! Enjoy and learn, and try not to be touched ;)

PS: Note that there are as well Alaskan Malamutes in this video, which are also wonderful children’s companions :)

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