Icelandic Sheepdog Characteristics And Facts

The Icelandic Sheepdog or “Dog of the Vikings,” which is the name given because Vikings themselves brought this breed to Iceland, belongs by the FCI to the Nordic Watchdogs and Herding Dogs group in the class of primitive dogs. He is a close relative of Norwegian Buhund, in fact, the Icelandic Sheepdog was developed from this breed. Both of these breeds are typical Spitz type dogs. So, what is an Icelandic Sheepdog like? As the breed’s name suggests, this is a shepherd or herding dog, perfectly adapted for driving, charging, and preventing livestock from straying. It is in his nature, which is why he often barks a lot. Sometimes it can be really annoying. However, this habit makes him an excellent watchdog. He will bark a lot at the visitors, strangers especially, but won’t be aggressive towards them. Continue Reading →