Podenco Canario Dog Information And Characteristics

The Podenco Canario or Canary Islands Hound (translated from Spanish) is a primitive Greyhound originating from, as its name suggests, Canary Islands, Spain. It is a Spitz-type dog, quite similar to other Mediterranean hounds – the Podenco Ibicenco of Balearic Islands, Podengo Português of Portugal, Pharaoh Hound of Malta, and Cirneco dell Etna in Sicily. He is included in the Primitive Types – Hunting Dogs section in the class of primitive dogs. It is one of the oldest primitive breeds. This Canarian Hound descends from a very ancient Pariah-type dogs brought from Egypt and Northern Africa to the Canary Islands by Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and the Egyptians themselves in antiquity, several thousand years ago. Here, the breed remained isolated until the recent years. This dog is actually very rare outside his home country. Continue Reading →