Norrbottenspets Dog Info And Characteristics

The Norrbottenspets or Norrbotten Spitz is a Spitz-type hound originating from Norrbotten, a province in the north of Sweden, and Lappland, Finland. This dual naturalization is the reason some people think that the name of the dog is inappropriate since it is based only on Swedish province. So, they simply call him Nordic Spitz, while in Finland he is known as Pohjanpystykorva. Anyhow, the dog is recognized under the name Norrbottenspets all around the world, so we will use it too. The breed is officially included in the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of Spitz and primitive dogs. It is a small and agile dog, quite similar to the Norwegian Lundehund and Finnish Spitz, used primarily in hunting the smaller game, such as grouse, squirrel, raccoon, ermine, fox, marten, etc. Also, he can be successfully used for herding, watching, and even in search and rescue missions. Continue Reading →