Ten Most Amazing Alaskan Malamute Facts

The Alaskan Malamute is the one of the most famous primitive dogs. This is a favorite dog breed in North America, and for the good reason! The Malamute is a dog of great strength, very similar to Arctic wolf, which is actually his ancestor. This is a dog of many virtues, an ideal companion for every experienced owner. He is tough and has an excellent sense of smell and direction, which is why he is often used in all sorts of polar expeditions and competitions. So, here are ten most interesting Alaskan Malamute facts. Continue Reading →

My Husky Leah And Her Pups (GALLERY)

The main reason I started the Primitive Dogs website, together with a few of my friends, was my Siberian Husky called Leah. She is now 6 years old, and in that time frame we’ve been through a lot. You cannot fathom how much love and respect I have for this dog. I will be honest with you, when I brought her home for the first time, I didn’t have a single clue what kind of dogs are Huskies. Since I already had a few dogs before, I thought they are more or less the same. How naive :) Continue Reading →

Race Across Alaska: First Woman To Win The Iditarod Tells Her Story (BOOK)

Authors: Libby Riddles and Tim Jones
Published: January 1, 1988
Copyright: Reed Business Information, Inc. 1988


Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story,” as the title suggests, tells us a brave and touching story of the first ever Woman to win a grueling Iditarod, the “Last Great Race On Earth,” from her own perspective. For those of you who are not familiar with Iditarod Trail, it is an long-distance sled dog marathon taking place every year (since 1973) in Alaska, from Anchorage to Nome – more than 1100 miles (1770 km). In the early March, mushers from all around the world are coming here to test the limits of their skills and their dogs in the harsh and merciless winter landscapes, where temperatures sometimes fall bellow −94°F (−70°C). Can you imagine that cold? I just can’t. During the last winter, temperatures in my town were around -13°F (−25°C) and it was freaking cold, but this is just too much if you ask me. Continue Reading →

Siberian Husky Puppy Care And Training

There is nothing sweeter than a cute little Siberian Husky puppy, don’t you think? I bet you do! These gorgeous little fur balls, who wouldn’t fall in love with them at first sight? Honestly, I could go on and on with compliments a whole day, but that’s not why we are here. So, let’s get straight to the point. If you’re reading this article right now, I assume you’re the one looking to buy a Siberian Husky puppy or you’re already an owner. No matter which one of these you’re, I’ll try to answer all your burning questions about our little friends. But before we go onto the actual tips and what not else, let’s learn some things. Continue Reading →

Training Siberian Husky Obedience And Basic Commands

Many people already asked me, are Siberian Huskies hard to train? Let me tell you straight away – YES, they are! Training Siberian Husky is one very demanding job, because of their stubbornness and free will. They are intelligent dogs, which can learn fast, but it’s hard to gain their trust and any sort of investment in the training process. This is why you’ll need a whole lot of patience, but hey, it is expected from you if you are an owner of this dog, right? First of all, there are some things in general every Husky owner needs to know. They are not strictly related to Huskies, they are common to all dogs in general. Continue Reading →