Six Toed Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed Info And Characteristics

The Norwegian Lundehund or Norsk Lundehund is a small Spitz-type breed originating from Røst and Værøy municipalities in the north of Norway. The name of the dog literally translates as Norwegian Puffin Dog since the word “Lunde” means Puffin (this dog is primarily used to hunt these birds and collect their eggs), and “Hund” stands for dog or hound in Norwegian. Nobody knows exactly how much this breed is actually old, but scientists had estimated, based on the fossil remains of the Varranger dog from northern Lapland, who had the identical jaws, that it might be somewhere around 5.000 years. This fact puts Lundehund into the group of oldest primitive dogs in the world. However, the first mention of the breed, the way it looks like today, is dating back to the late 16th century. Today, this dog belongs to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of primitive dog breeds. Continue Reading →

Finnish Spitz Dog Info And Characteristics

The Finnish Spitz dog or Suomenpystykorva (in Finnish) is a primitive breed originating from Finland. It was developed by the Finno-Ugrian hunting tribes approximately 2.000 years ago. In the process of selective breeding, they were using the ancient Spitz-type dogs they brought with them while migrating from the river Volga region in central Russia. These dogs were bred for hunting in the harsh and hostile Finland’s wilderness. They remained isolated there until the early 19th century, when they were almost extinct by interbreeding with other breeds brought in Finland at that time. Fortunately, thanks to the group of dedicated people the breed has been saved in its original shape. It belongs to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of all primitive dogs. In 1979, Finsk Spets was proclaimed as the national dog of Finland, the title he still proudly bears. Continue Reading →

Norrbottenspets Dog Info And Characteristics

The Norrbottenspets or Norrbotten Spitz is a Spitz-type hound originating from Norrbotten, a province in the north of Sweden, and Lappland, Finland. This dual naturalization is the reason some people think that the name of the dog is inappropriate since it is based only on Swedish province. So, they simply call him Nordic Spitz, while in Finland he is known as Pohjanpystykorva. Anyhow, the dog is recognized under the name Norrbottenspets all around the world, so we will use it too. The breed is officially included in the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of Spitz and primitive dogs. It is a small and agile dog, quite similar to the Norwegian Lundehund and Finnish Spitz, used primarily in hunting the smaller game, such as grouse, squirrel, raccoon, ermine, fox, marten, etc. Also, he can be successfully used for herding, watching, and even in search and rescue missions. Continue Reading →

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Info And Characteristics

The Grey Norwegian Elkhound or Norwegian Moose Dog (Norsk Elghund in native language) is one of the oldest Spitz type dogs in the world. There are some proofs that this breed was developed some 6.000 years ago by local Scandinavian population. Norsk Elghund, together with the Finnish Lapphund, Swedish Lapphund, Lapponian Herder, and Swedish Elkhound, belongs to a group of dogs that were further developed through hybridization of male dogs and female wolves after their domestication. Today, this dog is included in the Nordic Hunting Dogs section in class of primitive dog breeds. So, what is a Norwegian Elkhound in general? This is a medium-sized working dog mainly used to support big game hunt – bear, wolf or moose. He can be also successfully used for guarding, watching and herding. This is a strong and agile breed with a huge personality and self-confidence. This dog’s boisterous spirit is very moving, so the people owning one of these will have a lot of fun. The Norwegian Elkhound life expectancy is somewhere between 12 and 16 years, although they can sometimes live a few years longer. Continue Reading →

Karelian Bear Dog Personality And Information

The Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) or Karelsk Björnhund is a Spitz type hound originating from Finland. There in his homeland, where people call him Karjalankarhukoira, he has become a national treasure in recent years. KBD was developed from now extinct Karelian Bear Laika, just like the Russo-European Laika. These two breeds are actually the closest relatives and both belong to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of primitive dog breeds. So, what’s like this breed in general? It is a medium sized dog used for big-game hunting – moose, bear, wolf, wild boar, etc. The dog, as its main “job” demands, has a sturdy body, superb natural instincts, and he’s very resilient. Also, he is fearsome, instinctive, and loyal, which makes him an ideal companion for every hunter. Karelian Bear Dog life expectancy is around 10 and 12 years. Continue Reading →