Karelian Bear Dog Personality And Information

The Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) or Karelsk Björnhund is a Spitz type hound originating from Finland. There in his homeland, where people call him Karjalankarhukoira, he has become a national treasure in recent years. KBD was developed from now extinct Karelian Bear Laika, just like the Russo-European Laika. These two breeds are actually the closest relatives and both belong to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of primitive dog breeds. So, what’s like this breed in general? It is a medium sized dog used for big-game hunting – moose, bear, wolf, wild boar, etc. The dog, as its main “job” demands, has a sturdy body, superb natural instincts, and he’s very resilient. Also, he is fearsome, instinctive, and loyal, which makes him an ideal companion for every hunter. Karelian Bear Dog life expectancy is around 10 and 12 years. Continue Reading →