Greenland Dog Characteristics And Traits

The Greenland Dog or Greenland Husky is an ancient northern breed originating from the coastal regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and northern parts of Siberia. It is a Spitz type dog, which has a lot of similarities with the Siberian Husky or the Canadian Eskimo Dog. He is included in the Nordic Sledge Dogs section in the class of primitive dogs. This dog is a descendant of the ancient dogs brought to Greenland by the Saqqaq people almost 5.000 years ago. They are quite large and strong working dogs primarily used for pulling the sleds with heavy load. This is the reason people often call them Greenland Sled Dogs. They are perfectly accustomed to the harsh winter climate, and can endure very low temperatures (down to -75 Fahrenheit). Main Greenland Dog characteristics are stubbornness, strength, independence, endurance, boldness, agility, playfulness, loyalty, and briskness. Continue Reading →