Siberian Husky Puppy Care And Training

There is nothing sweeter than a cute little Siberian Husky puppy, don’t you think? I bet you do! These gorgeous little fur balls, who wouldn’t fall in love with them at first sight? Honestly, I could go on and on with compliments a whole day, but that’s not why we are here. So, let’s get straight to the point. If you’re reading this article right now, I assume you’re the one looking to buy a Siberian Husky puppy or you’re already an owner. No matter which one of these you’re, I’ll try to answer all your burning questions about our little friends. But before we go onto the actual tips and what not else, let’s learn some things. Continue Reading →

Choosing The Best Food For Siberian Husky

Choosing the right food for Siberian Husky might seem like an easy job – they can eat almost everything, but there are many things you need to know in order to feed him healthy and in appropriate dosage. I must admit I’ve gone a long way learning everything you need to know about feeding your Sibe in a proper way. Here I will share with you everything I’ve learned on the subject so far. On top of that, it’s based on personal experience, and I can tell you right away, it works! It is known the Huskies have a very efficient metabolism, which they can control. That’s why comparatively they don’t eat that much food for their size. They are very calculated dogs when it comes to feeding. Continue Reading →