Eurasier Dog Breed Information And Characteristics

The Eurasier or Eurasian Dog is a Spitz type dog breed originating from Germany. Now, you probably ask yourself, what is Asian about this dog? Well, this dog is actually a cross between the two Asian breedsthe Chow Chow (male) and Samoyed (blood), and one European breed known as Wolfspitz (female), which is a variant of the German Spitz. The Eurasian originated recently in the 1950s, so it is one of the youngest primitive dog breeds. This dog was developed through the work of Julius Wipfel primarily as an “updated” version of Russian Laika, which is mainly used for sled pulling. That was actually the intended job for this Spitz too, which was developed with the idea of a good working dog. But, he didn’t justify that role, but luckily he proved his worth as an excellent human companion. Eurasier Dog belongs to the Asian Spitz And Related Breeds group in the class of primitive dogs. Continue Reading →