Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Info And Characteristics

The Black Norwegian Elkhound or Norsk Elghund Sort is a Spitz type hunting dog originating from, as its name suggests, Norway. This is, in fact, a modern, smaller and more agile version of a Gray Norwegian Elkhound. The Black Elkhound was actually developed from this original Elkhound back in the early 19th century – the breed was acknowledged in 1877. Despite that, people in Scandinavia often say that this particular Black Moose Dog truly has an ancient origin since it was estimated that Norwegian Elkhound‘s ancestors had originated approximately 6.000 years ago. Beside these two Norwegian versions of Elkhound dogs, there is also a third version – the Swedish Elkhound, which is the biggest of the three. All three breeds are classified as hunting dogs and are mainly used to hunt big game. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is by the FCI included in the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of primitive dogs. Continue Reading →