African Basenji Dog Characteristics And Traits

The African dog breed Basenji or Congo Dog belongs by the FCI to the Primitive Types group in the class of primitive dogs, which encompasses the strain of dogs that evolved from Asian pariah dogs. So, what is a Basenji dog? This is a light weight hound with great athletic abilities that is very agile and lightning fast. It originated in central Africa in antiquity. Some of the main Basenji dog characteristics are alertness, agility, curiosity, resourcefulness, intelligence, independence, playfulness, courage, cleverness, and stubbornness. Looking at all of these characteristics  is enough to understand why this dog can’t easily become obedient. He’s so hard to train. In fact, he is probably the hardest of all primitive dogs to train. The funny thing is that the Basenji is actually a fast learning dog, who can understand your commands easily, but he will simply refuse to obey them in certain situations! Continue Reading →