Volpino Italiano Dog Information And Characteristics

The Volpino Italiano or Italian Foxy dog is a breed originating, as its name suggests, from Florence, Italy. This dark-eyed Spitz dog belongs to the strain “volpinoide“. It was developed from a German Kleinspitz breed, with whom it shares many traits. This dog is included in the European Spitz group in the class of primitive dogs. During the Renaissance, he was the usual companion of Italian royalties, especially royal women. Judging by his “fancy” look with that soft, long coat, it is quite understandable why. At first sight, this Florentine Spitz looks like a real fashion thing. Yes, he is a small dog, but don’t let that fool you! He is very brave, a true fighter ready to oppose everyone threatening his owner’s family and property. Main characteristics of Volpino Italiano dog are playfulness, alertness, curiosity, high intelligence, loyalty, fearlessness, and courage. This dog is not so agile, but has a lot of energy. So, the daily exercises are necessary. Continue Reading →

Information On Japanese Akita Dog Characteristics And Traits

If you didn’t know, Inu is a Japanese word for dog. It is often associated with all breeds originating from Japan. One of the most famous of them all is certainly Akita Inu or Matagi dog, a hunting dog in Japanese. It is the biggest of all Japanese Spitz dogs. There are actually two types of Akita dogs – the original breed also known as Japanese Akita Ken, and American Akita, developed from the original breed after the World War II. In this particular article we will examine the original breed. So, what are the main Japanese Akita dog characteristics? There are many of them, but the most distinguishable are loyalty, intelligence, strength, agility, courage, calmness, stubbornness, and endurance. The single look at these reveals that this breed’s a typical representative of the primitive dogs group. Of course, it has its own traits, which I’ll go through later in the text. Continue Reading →

Main Shiba Inu Characteristics And Traits

Japanese Shiba Inu or Brushwood Dog (which is the literal translation of his name) is by the FCI into the group of Asian Spitz and Related Breeds in the class of Spitz and primitive type dogs. It is the smallest of all native dog breeds from Japan. Main Shiba Inu characteristics are agility, boldness, alertness, possessiveness, loyalty, speed, intelligence, independence, stubbornness, and hardiness. His incredible stubbornness and independence will certainly make things harder when it comes to obedience training. His lifespan is between 12 and 16 years. Shiba was developed, in the first place, as a hunting dog, and as a consequence he possesses a very strong prey drive, which is why he’s very dangerous for cats and other smaller animals. On top of that, he has very large teeth for his size, so you got the point. Continue Reading →