Training Siberian Husky Obedience And Basic Commands

Many people already asked me, are Siberian Huskies hard to train? Let me tell you straight away – YES, they are! Training Siberian Husky is one very demanding job, because of their stubbornness and free will. They are intelligent dogs, which can learn fast, but it’s hard to gain their trust and any sort of investment in the training process. This is why you’ll need a whole lot of patience, but hey, it is expected from you if you are an owner of this dog, right? First of all, there are some things in general every Husky owner needs to know. They are not strictly related to Huskies, they are common to all dogs in general. Continue Reading →

Siberian Husky Care Tips And Rules

Siberian Husky care is definitely something you should pay a lot attention too. You see, Huskies are in reality very clean and healthy Primitive Dogs, but, as is the case with all other breeds, you will have to take your time and put your Sibe through proper treatment. This way you’ll secure your dog a healthy living, and he will return your favor in so many lovely ways. So how to take care of a Siberian Husky? For this job you’ll have to organize well and prepare a schedule of your activities. Bathing, grooming, brushing, all of these activities demand time and understanding, so make sure you do them regularly and properly. Continue Reading →

Choosing The Best Food For Siberian Husky

Choosing the right food for Siberian Husky might seem like an easy job – they can eat almost everything, but there are many things you need to know in order to feed him healthy and in appropriate dosage. I must admit I’ve gone a long way learning everything you need to know about feeding your Sibe in a proper way. Here I will share with you everything I’ve learned on the subject so far. On top of that, it’s based on personal experience, and I can tell you right away, it works! It is known the Huskies have a very efficient metabolism, which they can control. That’s why comparatively they don’t eat that much food for their size. They are very calculated dogs when it comes to feeding. Continue Reading →

History Of Huskies And Their Origin

Where is Siberian Husky from? How old is this breed? Those were some of many questions I had on my mind when I bought my first Husky puppy. Now you say, “from Siberia dummy, isn’t that obvious?” Yeah, I know, but I wanted to find out more about the history of Huskies. So I’ve done some extended research and here I will share with all of you what I’ve learned so far. Off we go… Sibe is one of the oldest Primitive Dogs, in fact, it begun evolving from its wild ancestry earlier than most of modern dog breeds. Its long isolation in distant and harsh lands was the reason this dog, till this very day, kept behavioral similarities to its wild ancestors more so than other dogs. This, coped with its free will, is another reason why so many people often think that this breed is more similar to a wolf than a dog. Continue Reading →

Husky Temperament And Behavior

Let me put it straight away – Huskies are very unpredictable dogs. They’re probably the most unpredictable of all Primitive Dogs. I had a few dogs before, and thus I really thought to know a lot about dogs in general, but this little fella surprised me more than once! I didn’t do my homework properly – shame on me! Husky temperament is defined with two main characteristics – intelligence and independence. He is very stubborn and free-willing dog, and because of that, he’s very hard to train and control. Siberian demands a lot of attention, he likes to be in company all the time. You should avoid as much as possible, leaving him alone, remember that! Please, buy him some toys so he can have some fun while you’re gone. Otherwise, he might get bored and that is something you don’t wish to experience, trust me! When bored these dogs can be very destructive, or they can howl a lot, so you got the point. Continue Reading →