Choosing The Best Food For Siberian Husky

Choosing the right food for Siberian Husky might seem like an easy job – they can eat almost everything, but there are many things you need to know in order to feed him healthy and in appropriate dosage. I must admit I’ve gone a long way learning everything you need to know about feeding your Sibe in a proper way. Here I will share with you everything I’ve learned on the subject so far. On top of that, it’s based on personal experience, and I can tell you right away, it works! It is known the Huskies have a very efficient metabolism, which they can control. That’s why comparatively they don’t eat that much food for their size. They are very calculated dogs when it comes to feeding.

Choosing the best food for Siberian Husky is very important

Give me that bite :)

Huskies will only eat until they are full, not like some other dog breeds, which will eat everything you put in front of them, even if they risk to explode :) Since they are Nordic working dogs, they are bred to live on short food supplies for long periods of time, and that’s why they’re definitely not some food greedy dogs. Food you’re feeding your Siberian with must be as diverse as possible. This is of great importance when he’s still a puppy, when his food must be rich with all nutritions, vitamins and proteins as much as possible. You will have to mix it up, otherwise he might get bored of the same food over and over again. Another important thing to remember is to always give him one meal separated in three smaller ones during a day. This will sum up basic rules when it comes to food for Siberian Husky. Now, we shall get at the details.

Recommended Food For Husky

What is the recommended food for Siberian Husky? Now that’s a billion dollar question if you ask me. Anyway, I’ll try to give you the best possible answer here. In their natural habitat they often eat fish and seal meat. Sure, you can hardly find any seal meat, so the fish (always minced!) is a must on their menu. I suggest you feed him with fish at least two times a week! Fish is rich with Zink, which is of great importance for the skin and coat health of your Husky. You can also feed him with thermally processed meat mixed with offal, but avoid giving him large amounts of liver – once per week is just enough. Fresh pig and veal bones are appropriate too. Avoid, if you can, feeding him with thermally processed bones and definitely avoid feeding him with chicken bones. These can be sharp when chewed and can hurt his digestive tract.

You can feed them with eggs, but remember to cook them first – separated fresh yolk is ok too. Mix them freely with grits, my dog just loves that ;) Cheese and goat milk (it is very similar to dogs milk) are acceptable, but avoid cow milk. Vegetables and fruits too can be included in their meals, but not all of them! You can feed Sibe with cooked spinach, kail, rice, cabbage (fresh cabbage is ok too), as well as with small doses of fresh apples and pears from time to time. Avoid grapes (it is harmful for dogs kidneys) and onion (can cause anemia). You should also avoid feeding your Husky with rolls, fresh pig meat, chocolate, and every other food containing sugar. This, I think, is the perfect guide concerning healthy food for Siberian Husky. This might be subjective, but I’ve never had any problems with my own dog this way, and neither will you! So read it carefully and have a nice time with your happy dog.

Best Dog Food For Siberian Husky

Not every dog food is good for your Husky, so you'll have to choose carefully

Taste of the Wild dog food

What is the best dog food for Siberian Husky? As I am quite picky person, I always strived to find the best possible answer on this question. However, no matter how hard I tried, the right answer always eluded me. Let me be honest with you, there’s no best dog food for Huskies. Indeed, some of them can definitely suffice in one way or another, but there’s no all too perfect dog food for Siberian Husky. There are some of them that are really good (highly recommendable), such as Innova, EVO, Taste of the Wild, or Wellness dog food, but I suggest you ask your dog’s veterinarian for advice on Husky dog food recommendations. No matter which dog food you’re feeding him, it is not advisable to give him the same dog food all the time as it is the case with any other food when it comes to this little fella.

You see, Huskies are very stubborn dogs and they have their specific needs, so it is no wonder they like to eat diverse food. Now I feel that I’m writing about humans, but such is the nature of this wonderful dog – picky Siberian Husky food habits. So you’ll have to change certain types of dog food for Siberian Husky from time to time, or even mix them. There’s a chance your dog won’t like the new one as much as previous, but you can adjust this by adding some additives and spices, or by mixing it with some other food. Keep in mind to take away the dog food after your dog finishes his meal! That way you’ll prevent him from early becoming bored of that same food. Those are some small rules you should apply strictly, because, in the end, feeding Huskies is a very delicate job, but if done the right way, you will have an happy and very healthy dog!

Good Puppy Food For Huskies

Food for Siberian Husky puppy is definitely something you should pay a lot attention to. From the moment you separate puppy from his mother (three months after his birth approximately), you’ll have to treat him with calcium. It doesn’t matter if it’s food rich with this mineral or if it’s given through some food additives, anyway is ok. I suggest you feed your puppy with dairy products rich with calcium – fresh cheese from skimmed milk or yogurt are particularly welcome. Some sorts of fish, such as tuna and salmon, are also very rich with this mineral. This treatment should last until a year and a half of a dog’s life. Together with calcium, you’ll have to give your puppy food supplements rich with vitamins and minerals. This way your puppy will have all that’s necessary for fast and healthy growth.

Healthy growth of your pup goes hand in hand with the proper food

Damn, it’s empty ;)

You can feed your puppy with meat, but you’ll have to respect certain rules. Beef, chicken and turkey meats are welcome, but avoid feeding him with pork. When feeding your puppy with such meal, remember to always include at least one third of thermally processed and minced lean meat, and the rest should include offal – also minced. Keep in mind that meat food for Siberian Husky puppies should never be made of offal only, it is not advisable. Always MIX it up with lean meat! You can also feed him with food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins – rice, eggs, carrots, etc. In conjunction, you’ll always have to prepare some fresh water for him.

You will have to feed him three meals per day until a puppy’s nine months old. These meals should be separated in a few smaller doses. This way he won’t have digestive problems and definitely won’t get fat. I know fat pups can be very cute, but trust me, if being fat is not healthy for humans, it definitely ain’t healthy for dogs either! After he gets nine months, puppy should be given one or two meals a day. This way you’d feed your puppy until he’s year and a half old. After that you start feeding him as it is already described above. After puppy’s done with his meal, remember to always take the food away from him! That way your little friend won’t get overeaten. One important note – NEVER give your puppy cow’s milk! Mother’s milk is the only milk he’ll ever need! With this, I will conclude my article about food for Siberian Husky. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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