Finnish Spitz Dog Info And Characteristics

The Finnish Spitz dog or Suomenpystykorva (in Finnish) is a primitive breed originating from Finland. It was developed by the Finno-Ugrian hunting tribes approximately 2.000 years ago. In the process of selective breeding, they were using the ancient Spitz-type dogs they brought with them while migrating from the river Volga region in central Russia. These dogs were bred for hunting in the harsh and hostile Finland’s wilderness. They remained isolated there until the early 19th century, when they were almost extinct by interbreeding with other breeds brought in Finland at that time. Fortunately, thanks to the group of dedicated people the breed has been saved in its original shape. It belongs to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of all primitive dogs. In 1979, Finsk Spets was proclaimed as the national dog of Finland, the title he still proudly bears.

About Finnish Spitz Dog

The Finnish Spitz is a lively, medium-sized dog with excellent hunting skills. He is almost identical, physically and mentally, to other two Nordic hunting breeds originating from ScandinaviaNorwegian Lundehund and Norrbottenspets. Like them, this dog is impulsive, cheerful and enthusiastic, always ready for some action. He just can’t be quiet or calm a longer time, so it would be wise to make him “work” as much as you can. Otherwise, he will make some mess or bark like crazy out of boredom. Main Finnish Spitz characteristics are intelligence, cheerfulness, playfulness, stubbornness, agility, persistence, boisterousness, courage, alertness, independence, and loyalty. This dog is eager to please, so he will gladly obey and fulfill all your demands. On top of that, he will easily put a smile upon your face with his incredibly moving spirit.

Finnish Spitz is a lively hunting dog of many qualities

Maintaining graceful stance

Like the majority of other hunting dog breeds, Finnish Spitz dog is an independent thinker. Plus, he’s a primitive type dog, which in other words means that he can be incredibly stubborn. So, in order to train your Loulou Finois properly, you will have to organize training sessions in a fun and interesting way. It is mandatory to give him something to think about. And, of course, you will have to be dominant and focused all the time while working with this dog. But, the good thing is that this Finnish dog is as smart as you can get. When invested, he will learn every command with ease. Needless to say, the best time to start his training is while still a puppy. This way you can be assured your dog will learn all the important commands as well as those more complicated. With proper training, these dogs can be excellent competitors in various sporting events or good rescuers.

The Finnish Spitz dog life expectancy is somewhere between 10 and 14 years. This is quite energetic breed, so you will have to put your dog through proper exercise every day. The best would be to take your dog for a long walk at least once or, if possible, twice a day. While outside, I suggest you keep him on a leash, otherwise always keep an eye after him. Like many other hunting dogs, he possesses a strong prey drive, so he will gladly chase every small animal he spots. He can live in harmony with other pets, but only if brought up together. Concerning other dogs, he is often friendly with them, but can sometimes be aggressive with those of the same sex. So, it would be recommended to properly socialize your Finlander. This can also have a positive effect on building his personality in an adequate way since these dogs can be emotionally sensitive.

Wonderful Family Companion

Among many other characteristics of Finnish Spitz dog, perhaps the most noble one is his lovely affinity with his owner and other members of the household. Yes, this dog is an excellent family companion. He loves company and he can be very playful or cuddly, depending on the situation. Anyway, I’m sure you will enjoy his company. Also, these dogs are always friendly and tolerant with kids. So, if you’re parent with small children, this dog will be an ideal choice for you. However, you must remember one thing – Finsk Spets doesn’t like to be alone for longer period. That’s why it’s important to dedicate a lot of time to your dog. I suggest you play with him as much as you can while outdoors, but if you plan to stay longer indoors, make sure you take your dog with you, at least for a short time. He will greatly appreciate that, and I am sure you will have a lot of fun too :)

Physical Characteristics Of Suomenpystykorva

The Finnish Spitz dog has a square shape, meaning he is almost long as tall at withers. He has the compact, muscular body covered with a waterproof double coat. Similar to other Nordic breeds, this double coat has a soft and dense undercoat and a bit longer (up to 6 cm), rough and stiff outer coat. The hair is longer on the neck, stomach, chest, buttocks, and on the tail. These dogs are seasonal shedders, they lose their undercoat twice a year. That’s why the regular daily grooming is necessary during shedding periods. It is also important to prevent any unwanted skin conditions. Main Finnish Spitz colors are golden-red, brown-red, pale-amber, and chestnut. The dog can only have one color of fur, which varies in shades. These variations in shades mustn’t be prominent. The template is the same for all dogs – darker shades on the upper parts of body, lighter shades on the chest, tail and stomach.

The Finnish Spitz dog has a typical wedge-shaped head with flat forehead, similar to a fox. The narrow muzzle with scissor jaws, black lips and black nose, is pointed at the top and wider at the root. His almond-shaped eyes are always black with black eye-rims. The triangular ears are erect and pointy. His back is straight and strong. The brushy tail is long and curled atop his back. The chest is broad and deep, reaching the elbows. Looking from ahead, the legs are straight and parallel. The front legs are stoic and rigid. The hind legs are muscular and powerful. The cat-like paws are rounded. These dogs can have dewclaws on front and back legs. Those on the hind legs must be removed. When you look at these physical traits, it is quite understandable why are they such mobile and agile dogs with incredible maneuver abilities.

Finnish Spitz Dog Size And Weight

– Height between 17,5 and 20 inches (45-51 cm)
– Weight between 26,5 and 31 pounds (12–14 kg)
– Height between 15,5 and 18 inches (40-46 cm)
– Weight between 15,5 and 22 pounds (7–10 kg)

Finsk Spets belongs to a group of hunting dogs known as "bark pointers"

Quiet, I’m tracking the game :)

King Of The Barkers

The Finish Spitz dog is probably one of the loudest dogs in the world! It is no coincidence people often call him the Barking Bird Dog. He is actually a really persistent barker, who will bark at anything he finds suspicious. No wonder these dogs are often participating in barking contests. Finnish Hunting Dog is using a string of short and fast barks, which together sound like a long yodel. He can easily produce over 150 barks per minute. Yeah, it is quite incredible and above all it is a very useful ability in the hunt for example. Also, when you take into account that he’s often suspicious and reserved with strangers, it is guaranteed that you will have an excellent watchdog. However, this “noisy” behavior is often really annoying for everybody in the dog’s surroundings. So, it would be wise to teach your dog a few commands to stop making noise.

Smart Hunter With Incredible Instincts

The Finnish Spitz dog belongs to a group of hunting dogs known as “bark pointers“. These dogs are using loud barks (who would have thought of that :)) to reveal the position of game to the hunter. This way the dog also draws the attention of game to himself, which greatly helps the hunter to approach the target unnoticed. These dogs are relying on the senses of smell and sight to track the game. When on the right track, the dog starts to bark continuously, so the hunter can easily locate him. They are often used to hunt birds and other small game, such as squirrel, rabbit, wood grouse, etc. But, some dogs can be equally well-used in the hunt on elk or even bear. You see, the Finnish Spitz dog is an excellent companion of many qualities. However, this breed is quite rare outside its native country, so if you get a chance to buy one, don’t hesitate, make yourself lucky :)

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