Eurasier Dog Breed Information And Characteristics

The Eurasier or Eurasian Dog is a Spitz type dog breed originating from Germany. Now, you probably ask yourself, what is Asian about this dog? Well, this dog is actually a cross between the two Asian breedsthe Chow Chow (male) and Samoyed (blood), and one European breed known as Wolfspitz (female), which is a variant of the German Spitz. The Eurasian originated recently in the 1950s, so it is one of the youngest primitive dog breeds. This dog was developed through the work of Julius Wipfel primarily as an “updated” version of Russian Laika, which is mainly used for sled pulling. That was actually the intended job for this Spitz too, which was developed with the idea of a good working dog. But, he didn’t justify that role, but luckily he proved his worth as an excellent human companion. Eurasier Dog belongs to the Asian Spitz And Related Breeds group in the class of primitive dogs.

About Eurasier Dogs Traits

The Eurasier is a gentle, pack-oriented dog with the calm and friendly manners. This dog gets attached to its owner and other members of the household. He is careful, loyal, good-natured, and above all, he likes to be in the company all the time. This is not an aggressive dog, neither he barks a lot, but he can be protective and watchful. Eurasian is a solid watchdog, who is usually reserved and suspicious towards strangers. However, he can befriend with them as soon as he gets to know them better. Main Eurasier dog characteristics are loyalty, alertness, intelligence, cheerfulness, playfulness, tenderness, agility, emotional sensitivity, and affinity with humans. With such properties, it is more than evident that this dog goes nicely along with children. He can play all day long, but he can be gentle and relaxed as well. This is probably one of the best pets for a family with kids.

Eurasier is a lovely and devoted dog with a huge heart

Beautiful and noble dog

The life expectancy of a Eurasier is around 12 years, but can sometimes exceed 14 years. This is not an excessively active dog, but regular daily exercise is recommended. Daily long walk is, as usual, sufficient, but the thing he particularly likes are the various activities and games with members of his pack – owner’s family. So, take a Frisbee, drive your family members outside, and have fun with your Eurasian :) It is also important to spend as much time as you can with him since these dogs can become depressed and sad if left alone for longer periods. They absolutely demand close and regular contact with their loved humans, so it would be wise to keep your dog indoors as often as you can. Thankfully, while indoors he is, for the most part, well-mannered, calm, and cuddly. Like a cat, the Eurasian Dog will enjoy lying and relaxing in the gentle, cozy atmosphere with his family.

When it comes to other pets and dogs, the Eurasier usually has a good and harmonious relationship with them, especially if they brought up together. If not, it would be wise to socialize your dog just in case. This is a healthy breed, which is rarely prone to some minor eye problems, such as Entropion. When treated badly, the Eurasian Dog can become timid and shy since he is very sensitive to harsh words or bullying. That’s why you will have to work carefully with your dog, avoiding any sort of forceful or rude training methods. In other words, you will have to be a confident and dominant leader with a soft heart. With the appropriate, positive reinforcement training, Eurasian will easily learn even the most demanding commands since this is a highly intelligent dog. Just start with his training while still a puppy and you won’t have any problems.

Physical Characteristics Of Eurasian Dog

The Eurasier is a large medium-sized dog, which is slightly longer than tall at the withers. His body is muscular and compact, covered with a medium length double coat. As usual for this kind of Spitz dogs, his coat is made of the short, soft, and dense underlaying hair, and the medium-length, fluffy, and a bit rough overlying hair. The hair is longer on the buttocks, tail, back of the front legs, back of the head, neck (mane-like), and body. These dogs shed once or twice a year, but when they do, they shed heavily. During the shedding period, you will have to groom your Eurasian every day, otherwise, once or twice a week is enough. In comparison to some similar breeds, like the Samoyed or Chow Chow, this dog is relatively easy to brush. Allowed Eurasier colors are fawn, wolf grey, tan, black, red, brown, and white. They all can vary in the combinations, shades, and motives.

The Eurasier has a wolf-like, wedge-shaped head with the slightly tapering muzzle, which is pointed at the nose. His muzzle is often covered with the hair of a darker color. The nose and lips are black. The almond-shaped eyes are dark brown with black eye-rims. The erect, triangular ears are covered with dark hair. The Eurasian tail is relatively long, tapered, and bushy. He often wears it heavily curled upon his straight and strong back. At first sight, it looks like a hairy turf. This dog’s broad and deep chest is well developed. The front legs are parallel and firm. The hind legs are rather strong, muscular, and well-boned. The feet are flat with hard, protective pads. With such physical attributes, it is more than obvious that this is quite an agile dog, capable of crazy maneuvers and high jumping. That’s why he can be a good competitor in dog agility and rally trials.

Eurasier Dog Size And Weight

Eurasian Dogs come in many colors and motives

Pick your favorite color :)

– Height between 20,5 and 23,5 inches (52-60 cm)
– Weight between 48,5 and 70,5 pounds (22-32 kg)
– Height between 18 and 22 inches (46-56 cm)
– Weight between 39,5 and 57,5 pounds (18-26 kg)

Man’s Best Friend

The Eurasian Dogs are known for their devoted and affectionate personality. They are literally in love with their human families. The majority of other dogs usually create a strong bond only with their primary owner, but that’s not the case with the Eurasier. This dog will equally well respect and love all other members of the household. To him, all family members are his relatives – brothers and sisters :) That’s why your Eurasian will always strive to be together with his family and will gladly follow you or every other family member wherever you go. Also, he will instantly join you all in your daily activities, doesn’t matter if these include some jobs or games. However, this huge affinity has its downside. Eurasier can suffer from separation anxiety, which can lead to serious mental issues. So, if you are unable to dedicate a lot of time to your dog, it would be best to skip this breed.

Good Therapy Dogs

The Eurasier maybe didn’t fulfill his role as a working dog, but his inborn affinity and affection to humans paid dividends later on. Today, the Eurasian Spitz has another respective role as a therapy dog. He is used in hospitals, special schools, retirement homes, hospices, and nursing homes to provide much needed comfort, joy, stimulus, and assistance to the people there. Depending on the need, they can equally well serve as service or assistance dogs. They are highly intelligent, gentle, calm, cheerful, and above all, they love to spend time together with their loved ones, which make them perfect for this noble job. All in all, the Eurasier is indeed a noble dog with joyful spirit. However, this breed is still rare outside its native country, so you’ll have to spend around 1.500$ for a puppy. This is not a small amount of money, but this lovely dog is more than worth it!

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