Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Info And Characteristics

The Black Norwegian Elkhound or Norsk Elghund Sort is a Spitz type hunting dog originating from, as its name suggests, Norway. This is, in fact, a modern, smaller and more agile version of a Gray Norwegian Elkhound. The Black Elkhound was actually developed from this original Elkhound back in the early 19th century – the breed was acknowledged in 1877. Despite that, people in Scandinavia often say that this particular Black Moose Dog truly has an ancient origin since it was estimated that Norwegian Elkhound‘s ancestors had originated approximately 6.000 years ago. Beside these two Norwegian versions of Elkhound dogs, there is also a third version – the Swedish Elkhound, which is the biggest of the three. All three breeds are classified as hunting dogs and are mainly used to hunt big game. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is by the FCI included in the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of primitive dogs.

About Black Norwegian Elkhound Dogs

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a strong willed, hardy and intelligent dog used primarily for hunting. Apart from being such a great hunter’s companion, this dog can be as well used for herding, watching and guarding. Some hunting dogs tend to be unreliable in the family, but luckily that’s not the case with this dog. Norsk Elghund Sort is truly a wonderful family companion. He enjoys being in the company and gets equally well attached to all members of the family. He is not always eager to please, but will gladly join you in your activities. This dog is also always good-natured and tolerant with children. Plus, he can play a whole day long, so I’m sure your kids will have a lot of fun with this buddy. Main Black Norwegian Elkhound characteristics are high intelligence, independence, boldness, agility, speed, strength, alertness, endurance, curiosity, persistence, cheerfulness, and loyalty.

Black Norwegian Elkhound is an agile, quarrelsome and hardy dog

Can you see me in this snow? ;)

The life expectancy of a Black Norwegian Elkhound can vary up from 12 to 15 years. This is quite a resilient dog breed, which can rarely suffer from only a few health issues, such as hip dysplasia, Fanconi syndrome, hypothyroidism, luxating patella as well as some eye problems like entropion. This is a very energetic and active dog with restless spirit, which demands a lot of exercise. So, take your dog for a long walk or hike in nature or play some games with him, at least, once a day. Norsk Elghund Sort is not suited for urban environments, neither he likes to stay indoors for longer periods of time. Of course, you can keep your dog indoors, but only if you provide him with a good amount of daily activities. In order to make this dog really happy, it is recommended that you have a large fenced yard. In the best case scenario, it would be desirable that you live in a rural area with a nearby forest since Black Norwegian Elkhounds love to be in the nature.

Considering how firmly he gets attached to its family members and how territorial he actually is, it is no wonder Black Norwegian Elkhound tends to be very protective of them and their property. This, together with his suspiciousness towards strangers, makes him an excellent watchdog. However, Norsk Elghund Sort won’t only warn you when somebody approaches your property, he will also confront or even attack that person. So, it would be wise to put a proper warning on your front gate. Also, you need to know that this dog is prone to excessive barking and needs to be taught when to stay quiet. Like every other independent and curious dog, Black Norwegian Elkhound will gladly take any chance to explore and roam his surroundings. Now, combine this with his incredible agility and ability to jump high, and you can surely figure out what I’m trying to say. Indeed, you will need a high fence or wall around your yard to keep your dog safe.

Considering Training And Relationship With Other Pets

Black Elkhound is best suited for rural environments surrounded by nature

This is where I belong :)

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is an incredibly brave, proud and robust dog with a true fighting spirit, who won’t hesitate to confront animals much larger than himself. This side of his personality has its benefits in the hunt for sure, but can be a real problem when it comes to his relationship with other dogs. Indeed, these dogs, males especially, tend to be dominant in the company of other dogs, which can often lead to aggressive behavior. On top of that, these are extremely dangerous dogs for cats and other small pets since they have strong hunting instincts. They will chase and kill every one of them! So, in order to prevent such nasty situations, it is necessary to socialize and train your dog in obedience. Fortunately, the Black Norwegian Elkhound is easy to train with proper approach, but only if you start with the training sessions as soon as you bring your puppy home.

The first and the most important rule when it comes to training a Black Elkhound is that you won’t do anything if you try to dominate this dog or if you apply any forceful methods. You see, these dogs are full of pride and arrogance, and they won’t tolerate any kind of mistreatment. Wrong approach can often lead to bad consequences in dog’s temperament – i.e. your dog may become too aggressive. This is the reason Norsk Elghund Sort is not suited for an inexperienced owner. The best way to train your Elkhound is to use positive reinforcement techniques in combination with clicker training. Also, it is recommended that you apply short training lessons and be consistent and focused all the time. With such approach, you can easily teach Black Norwegian Elkhound everything since he is a highly intelligent (even more so than his older cousin Gray Elkhound) dog with great memory.

Physical Characteristics Of A Norsk Elghund Sort

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a strongly built, medium-sized dog of a square shape – the height at withers is approximately of the same measure as the dog’s length. Honestly, to me this dog looks like a cross between a Gray Norwegian Elkhound and a Swedish Lapphund. It has the compact and strong body covered with short and coarse double coat. As usual, the undercoat is soft and dense and the protective topcoat is rough and stiff. The hair is noticeably longer only on the tail. Thanks to such weatherproof coat, this dog can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Norsk Elghund Sort is relatively easy to groom. Usually, you will have to brush your dog once or twice a week, while during the shedding periods, it is necessary to brush him at least once a day. The Black Norwegian Elkhound comes in, as its name suggests, only one color – black. The small white markings on tail and feet are acceptable as well, but not desirable.

The Black Norwegian Elkhound has a broad, wedge-shaped head, which is quite wolf-like. The tapering muzzle has the strong, scissor-bite jaws, black and broad nose, and tight black lips. The triangular and very mobile ears are erect, stiff, and well furred. The oval-shaped eyes are dark brown. The Norsk Elghund Sort‘s slightly lean neck is of a medium length. The short brushy tail is tightly curled and carried on the dog’s straight and strong back. The chest with well-sprung ribs is not as deep as a Gray Norwegian Elkhound‘s. The front legs are strong and straight and the hind legs are well-boned, slightly angled, and powerful. The dewclaws are quite ordinary, but only on the front legs. The relatively small feet with hard pads are well protected from freezing. With such physical qualities, Black Elkhound represents a magnificent embodiment of strength, speed, endurance, and agility.

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Size And Weight

– Height between 18 and 19,5 inches (46–49 cm)
– Weight between 51 and 59,5 pounds (23-27 kg)
– Height between 17 and 18 inches (43–46 cm)
– Weight between 39,5 and 55 pounds (18-25 kg)

Norsk Elghund Sort is an excellent big game hunting dog!

Now, where is that Elk? :)

Excellent Hunting Dog

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a silent hunter. He uses his agility, resourcefulness, speed, and the incredible senses of smell and sight to track down a game soundlessly. As soon as he catches a scent of an animal, he starts trailing it unmistakably. This dog can easily overcome the harshest of terrains in the northern wilderness, and can swiftly track down even the most cunning quarry. On top of that, this dog possesses huge stamina and can cross vast distances with ease. Once Norsk Elghund Sort creeps close enough towards its prey, he then starts chasing it, and while doing so, he barks like crazy. When he finally bays it, he uses his cunningness and incredible dodging skills to keep it in place. Of course, he never stops barking until the hunter arrives. Apart from being a successful big game hunting dog (wolves, bears, elk), Black Norwegian Elkhound can be equally useful in the hunt on small game (wood grouse, hare, fox).

Smart-ass Working And Sporting Dog

Although smaller and, well, younger than Gray Norwegian Elkhound, this Black Elkhound is more intelligent, more agile, more quarrelsome, and more durable. He is literally an updated version of his older relative. It is no wonder its huge worth as a working and sporting dog has been recognized and confirmed during the history of the breed. Black Elkhounds have been used primarily by farmers in the rural parts of Scandinavia, where they had mastered their herding skills. Also, they are tried and tested watchdogs, guarddogs and rescue dogs. When it comes to dog sports, they do well in agility and obedience trials, flyball, herding, tracking, rally obedience, and freestyle. Now, you see why Black Norwegian Elkound is such a respected dog in Norway and nearby countries. Unfortunately, like other Scandinavian breeds, this dog is very rare outside its native land. So, you will have to do your best in order to buy one of these, but I hope your efforts will pay off with a worthy reward :)

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